4 Ways You Can Harness Your Business Facebook Page for More E-Commerce Sales

It is indisputable that Facebook is the king of social media platforms. The platform enjoys a volume of more than 2 billion active users. The users are increasing per dawn.  This aspect gives Facebook a market potential than no conscious webpreneur can ignore. From Invesp research, 74% of online shoppers rely on social media as the virtual purchasing guide. Also, Shopify research revealed that 85% of social-based e-commerce sales originate from Facebook. With the information at your fingertips, you can confirm that selling on Facebook is a worthy idea. However, to leverage the benefits of this approach, online entrepreneurs must have business pages on Facebook and consider them as their second homepages. So if your main questions is how to sell on facebook, as to make it a turning point for your online store sales. Here are the four best ways you can do this:

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Obtaining a custom URL for your FB page

A custom URL is a link that directs a customer to your business Facebook page. This address is crucial for enhancing your Google ranking and searchability. Whenever a potential customer searches your brand, your page URL will appear on the first page. You can create a custom URL for your page during the set-up process. All you need to do is entering the username of your business on the “About” icon when setting up your page.

If you already have an operational page, you can customize the URL by clicking the About icon and selecting the “edit page info” option. It is advisable or recommendable to use your brand name as the username. By this, you will make it easy for your customers to find your page without many struggles. Also, the aspect will work well for your search engine and Facebook searchability. Hence, a custom URL is a good way of harnessing your e-commerce sales.

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Ensure your page is open

To fight negative reviews and comments, most entrepreneurs close their page. They limit customers from writing reviews or sending them messages. While this can be a perfect way to fight unnecessary criticism and to protect your brand image, it works negatively from the social dimension. Social media is a place for social interactions and activity. The reason you have a Facebook page for your business is that you want to have a social engagement with your customers. As such, your page should be open to messaging, tagging and reviews. Also, you should ensure any aspect that may help customers to reach you in case of a product inquiry or other issues is open. Opening up your page to your audience presents an opportunity for it to go viral through social sales. In the end, you will become the gainer as your sales level will surge.

Ensure your profile is complete

When creating your page, Facebook offers you an opportunity to enter details about your business. They present a form where you can provide valuable information that is necessary for customers to purchase decisions. However, many webpreneurs take this aspect lightly. They assume that having a page is the only goal. If a customer needs additional information, they can search for it on the organization’s website. Falling for this belief is the worst mess you can commit. The notion leads to loss of rankings and potential sales. As such, always ensure you have a complete business profile on your Facebook page.


Summing up

In a word, your Facebook page can be a miracle or a curse to your e-commerce business. If well utilized, it can be a source of large sales volumes.  On the other hand, neglecting the page can lead to high losses. Hence, when selling on Facebook following this optimization approaches to gain more benefits.