This is why selling on Facebook with Shopify may not be the best business idea

Over the last years the trends when it comes to selling online have really changed and that means that business owners are more and more tempted to try something new and different. And while change can sometimes be good, a lot of the time it won’t fit everyone, which is why you really need to know what you are getting yourself into beforehand. Today we are going to take a look at some of the downsides of selling on Facebook with Shopify and why it may not be the best idea for your business, so make sure to keep reading.

There is a lot of public opinion

When you have a website it is up to you to decide whether you want to have a public comment section or if you just want to give customers the possibility to email you with any concerns or problems. However, when you have a Shopify store on Facebook, this isn’t really a choice that you can make. Facebook actually encourages people to leave comments on posts and this is something that can definitely affect your business negatively. Since all of the comments won’t be positive, this also means that you will have to spend a good amount of time responding to customers while making sure you are doing it in a polite and professional way.

You don’t own the platform, and therefore you don’t own the store

If you are someone that struggles with not having complete control over your business and your store, then selling on Facebook with Shopify isn’t something that you will want to do because you will never actually be the owner of your own page. When you have an online store it is completely yours, but here you are only “renting” a space on someone else’s website. While we don’t believe that the people at Facebook will ever do anything really unpleasant without a warning, the fact remains that they are the ones that have the control.

The Facebook space can be very distracting

Have you ever logged on Facebook looking for one thing and then you find yourself on a page that is completely different and has nothing to do with your initial search? Then you can assume that that is exactly what your customers will be doing as well. there is so much happening on this platform that it makes it really easy for your customers to leave your store and go to the social media portion of the website as well, and even the Shopify tools you will have access to won’t be able to help you with that.

Sometimes even the best ideas may not work out for you, and that is okay since every business is different and has different needs. Even if selling on Facebook with Shopify is something that you would want to try, make sure to keep these downsides in mind and try to find a way to avoid them damaging your business.

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