The Myth is explained – Make a Facebook Shop by Shopify

For a lot of people the words Facebook and retail are so far apart that a lot of them don’t even stop to think about whether Facebook can help them in any way. And while Facebook is a really great marketing tool that business owners tend to take advantage off, thanks to a few new additions and an amazing partnership with Shopify, Facebook is now much more than just a social media platform. Today we are going to learn more about this collaboration and how you can benefit from it, as well as about the new Facebook Shop by Shopify section, so make sure to keep on reading.

When we are talking about Facebook and Shopify going into a partnership what we mean is that you will be getting the best of both world. You are going to get the features that Shopify doesn’t have and Facebook does and vice versa, and you can use all of this to your advantage for both retail, back-end operations and marketing purposes.

The first partnership that Facebook and Shopify ever had was the very useful “Buy” button that could be implemented from a Shopify store onto a Facebook page and this is still a great way for you to offer your customers the ability to shop your products on Facebook by allowing them to click on your ads. However, now there is the new Facebook Shop by Shopify section and this is something that will help you sell more with a lot more ease then even the “Buy” button offered. Again you will be able to sell via Facebook, but your customers will be able to do make purchases in a more streamlined way that the Buy button didn’t offer. The people behind this section made sure to keep the path from discovery of the product to purchasing it much more streamlined and without any possible distractions in the way. Basically, using Shop you will be able to get more sales in an easier way, and that is always a good thing.

Something else that this section will help you with is turn Facebook from just a promotional platform to a complete storefront. When creating Shop they wanted to come up with something that will be a single place where customers will be able to discover, share and purchase your products much more easily and effectively than before, and this is something that will make mobile purchases especially much easier. Since you probably already have a Facebook page, using this section is a great way to transform that page to a real online store.

As you can see, there is definitely a lot to gain from the Facebook Shop by Shopify section. This is something that we think you should definitely take advantage off, so make sure you get your Facebook page and Shopify store up and running and start selling.

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